Understandably people are very concerned at the moment about both their jobs and the organisations that they work for.


At Trilogy we are working closely with our candidates and our clients to maintain business and to support people in this difficult time. To transition them from face-to-face meetings to remote video interviewing.

Our consultants are available through email and video to assist you in this critical time.  Please feel free to contact us on 07825 500090 if you need any help or support, either in recruiting new people to your teams or in securing a new role.

Tips on how to keep your team motivated during these tricky times

Individuals will all react differently to the current situation.  Management styles will change.  Some who in the past will have seemed highly stressed will suddenly have become very relaxed, while others normally quite relaxed will seems stressed and anxious.

Any stressful or difficult times can be turned into a positive.  Instead of just getting by and existing, use these times as an opportunity to grow.  Here are some tips on how you can motivate your team/s and improve your leadership style for the future.

  1. It is important that you invest in your own mental health, after all if you aren’t physically at your peak it will be hard for you to look after your team through these stressful times.  Make sure you regularly exercise, read and take an interest in your hobbies.  Encourage Mindfulness.  It is important that you show empathy to yourself first so that you can translate this positivity to your team.
  1. Be tolerant, things cannot remain the same and it is important to accept this. Even if you can retain the same levels of productivity understand that everyone’s situation is different.  Understanding must be key to your managerial style at present.
  1. Ask open-ended questions to your team. Try to understand where each team member is at.  Understand their challenges and understand their strengths.  It may be that different members of the team can help each other in ways that you would not expect.  Get everyone to pull together.
  1. If you are organising a meeting organise it over a videocall – face-to-face interaction can be nearly as beneficial for your brain and happiness levels as having a conversation in the same physicality. And will help if any team members are feeling lonely or isolated.
  1. At a time when many of us have additional emotional demands competing with our work, now is not the time to be delegating complex goals to your team members. In saying this, small goals that relate to well-being can be a great way to lift spirits.  For example, if folk are finding it difficult to concentrate introduce mindfulness sessions into the working day at set times.  Prioritise consistency over results.
  1. Get the team together virtually. Organise online chats about topics not related to work.  Enable your team to let off steam together and discuss how they’re handling the situation.
  1. Pick up the phone and informally call members of team – just to see how they’re getting along.Find an online exercise class the team members can do together if they choose.
  1. Most importantly feel free to be yourself. Remember that most people are working from home with their children and families.  Don’t be embarrassed when one of your kids suddenly shrieks or suddenly marches into the room and wants to get involved.  Everyone is in the same boat.   It is important that we all stay focussed and excel in these current times.